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Exciting News!

Hi, y'all. I want to update you on some news. I have signed with a new publisher and am so excited to be working with this wonderful company. The heart-warming ghost story, Charlotte & Mr. Abernathy, will be released, we hope sometime in early 2022. I believe it will be available for pre-order by this fall. YAY!! There will at least two more in this series of books for middle grade readers. Those of you who are April Grace fans will be happy to know we are revamping book #4. It will have a new title and a new cover. But what I'm the most excited about is the resurrection April Grace. It has been a while since we've heard from her, hasn't it? We are in the midst of discussing new Confessions that will pick up right where we left off in the last book. Set in the 1980s, there will be no blip in our timelines or trying to catch up with 2021. We will be going right back into 1987 and getting together with the whole gang. Shenanigans and sass and life lessons. I can hardly wait!! I hope you're excited too. And now...I better get busy!!

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