It’s been a while since Charlotte Franklin has interacted with a walking, talking dead person, and that’s the way she wants it to stay. When she sees Mr. Abernathy, who has been trapped in an awful old house for nearly a hundred years, she tries to ignore him. She’s got her own problems, after all.

Moving a hundred miles away is the worst decision her mom ever made. Charlotte misses her dad, her friends, and her nice home.

The boy across the street might be kinda cute, but he’s a pain, always on his skateboard, calling her “Kid.” Every time she goes outside, there he is, hanging around as if he has nothing better to do than  annoy her.

Soon, though, Charlotte realizes you don’t have to be a twelve-year-old girl in a strange town to be lonely. Finding out who killed Mr. Abernathy so he can “crossover” turns out to be a quest that keeps her summer busy and more intriguing that she ever imagined.

Making friends with a ghost and a bothersome boy is probably the best choice she’s ever made.