Writing is writing. Right?

Writer’s write, and all the wannabes talk about it. At least this is what I’ve always believed. If you want others to read and (you hope) buy what you’ve labored to write, there must be a daily output of words. But does that mean all writing must seriously point the writer toward the career of authorship? If so, where does that leave letters (e-mails) journals (blogs) or freestyle random rambling experiments?

Years ago, I decided to abandon writing in a journal and composing letters to friends and family. At the end of journal-entry and letter-writing stints, no drive remained in me to compose stories. Maybe I poured too much creativity into those regularly written accounts of daily goings-on. Once I ceased the journaling and letter-writing I got a lot more creative writing done. But, there is a downside of no more letters and journals . . . I have no record of those days, and I lost touch with  many people. Do I regret the decision? I do, yes.  Sometimes more than a little, but the time I retrieved from writing letters, notes, and journals was spent honing my fiction, and I do not regret that.

Today, I have a similar relationship to blogs, both the composing of my own, and the reading of others. Quite obviously, I do not blog often, and can’t promise I will do so, but I can try. Somehow, some way, I need to compromise so enough time and energy remain while I safeguard hours for serious writing. Writing stories is how I make my living, after all.


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