April 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 22.

Honest to goodness, is there anything more tedious to a writer than final edits? Not the first ones where our editors ask for revisions or rewrites, or even the painful edits where we slash our babies, eviscerating a ton of unnecessary prose. I’m talking about the very last bits and bobs: a comma¬† here, an extra space there, a word that’s been deleted, a lost ellipsis … all those pesky little varmints that we seem to overlook during the first two or three rounds of editing.

I got up this morning at 5, and here it is, 8:15, and I’m only on page 130 of a 327 page manuscript. My back aches, my eyes crossed a long time ago, and boredom is drilling a hole in my brain. But, it must be done. I am not offering to you, my reader, anything less than the best I can do. If that means suffering through hours of seeking, replacing, deleting, or otherwise cleaning words, then it’s worth it.


This recent heatwave has sapped my writing fizz.

All I want to do is loll in the recliner with a glass of cold, sweet tea nearby and watch television while the sun bakes the earth. And it feels like that is all I have done. I think my brain has sweated so much, all my good ideas wilted.

My writing is more prolific and better done when I’m outside. Something about the energy of nature sparks the urge to write. Today, my husband saved my broiled brain and flagging enthusiasm. He bought and put together a small portable desk, so lightweight I can lift it with one hand. When the day isn’t 95 in the shade, I can sit on my porch with the fan blowing and write comfortably. Thank you, Brett!

Now, tell me where you like to write. Do you have special nook, or do you seek different spots? Must you clean your writing area, align your materials, stretch your fingers, stare into space, light a candle . . . ? What do you do before you settle down to write?