December 8, 2015, Tuesday

I am not a multi-tasker.

Because I dislike chaos and confusion (i.e., too many things going on at once), I tend to work on one book at a time until it’s finished. If an idea for a different story occurs to me while I’m writing, I make a note of it, but continue to write. To stop working on one story in order to fiddle with a new idea is the perfect plan for creating stacks of unfinished manuscripts. It’s why a lot of talented writers remain unpublished. But I digress.

Right now, I am going against the grain. I am working on two books at once, and it feels a little weird.

You read that right. Just don’t spread it around and ruin my reputation as a drudge.

One of the books is a simple cozy mystery. I created a nice little road map for the plot a few months ago. If I choose to do so, and have few interruptions, I can get the book written in a month.

The other book is a deep, dark, psychological tale. It is not a story to be dashed off in a flurry of enthusiasm. No indeed. A page or two, then it’s time to rest, to ponder, to meditate, to prepare for the next page or two.  This book, too, has its map laid out, ready for me to follow. Unlike the mystery’s fun and gentle path, the written journey for this one is filled with metaphorical rugged valleys, tangled forests, churning waters, dangerous grounds, sudden drop-offs, betrayal, bloodshed, love, hate, goodness and darkness. There is no hurrying through this story. Word by word, slow and steady, examined and re-examined.  The writing of it is going to take a while.

I’m interested in how other people fulfill their goals. Would you please share with me? Do you wait for circumstances to be just right, everything exactly in place? Do you take one goal and work hard for only that one? Do you plow ahead and get everything done at once? Do you flounder and struggle and end up quitting in frustration?

March 23, 2015

When I was a young writer, I found very little to help me on the journey.  There were no critique groups, no other writers, aspiring or otherwise, in my circle. All I could do was read books about writing, and believe me, those were few and far between. I would have loved to know a bit about what goes on in the everyday life of an author. It seems to me that readers and other writers might be interested in that too, so I’ll be journaling a few times a week about this writer’s life.


Weekend? What weekend? I have a to-do list longer than my arm, and the arms of many of my friends.

Here is a list of what I need to get done within the next few months, not necessarily in this order:

  • Outline the class I’ll be teaching at the local college next month. (four weeks, 90 minutes a session)
  • Work Thursday at the local library. (I am the on-call person because I have a lot of library experience. Besides I need to get out more.)
  • Outline the next book I will be writing for Annie’s Publishing, tentatively titled “Candy From Strangers”. That outline needs to be on the editor’s desk by July.
  • Outline the first book in my new series, The Cassidys. Here’s the thing. That book, completely written has a deadline of August, and I haven’t even started. All I have is two pages of “probably plot”. Yikes.
  • Outline the fifth “Confessions of April Grace” (now called “Further Confessions of April Grace”). I don’t even have a book title yet.
  • Teach that class next month.
  • Work on revisions of Pink Orchids and Cheeseheads (April Grace #4) when I get it back from the editor.
  • Collect information/schedules/kudos/etc. for the Ozarks Writers League Newsletter and have it ready for submission by the end of April.
  • Work on the edits of another book, which I’ve written under a pen name, as soon as the manuscript comes back from the editor.
  • Give yet another alter-ego written book the final polish after it goes through the second editorial pass.
  • Meet with my editor and publisher for two photo shoots for the cover of two books.
  • Finish my author intake form for Oghma Creative Media. (I sorta kinda forgot that)
  • Did I mention I need to clean this house?
  • I’d love to spend some quality time with my hubby and my girls.

Thank God my hubby likes to shop. I haven’t seen the inside of a store in months. Probably since November when I did a bit of Christmas shopping.

Busy much?