What Have I Done?! What Shall I Do?

After reading a great post by Madison Woods:  https://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/sunday-musings-a-writers-business-plan/ I realized I needed to be a little more diligent this year so I can reach my goals and fulfill all my contracts and commitments.

This past year I finally saw the firsts fruits of my 30-year overnight success. That’s right. Thirty years to reach this point. Probably 99.9% of people would have given up by now.  I’m inching up on the age of retirement, but I have a few inches still to go. However, the career for which I’ve yearned and worked is just now opening. No retirement until I’m in an urn at the crematorium.

In May of 2011, my first book in the “Confessions of April Grace series,” In Front of God and Everybody, was released by Thomas Nelson.

In June of 2011, my first book for the “Annie’s Attic Mysteries” series, Deed in the Attic, was released by DRG Publishers.

In December of 2012, the second book of “Confessions of April Grace,” Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks, was released.

I was also asked to be a regular columnist for Christian Fiction Online Magazine, a marvelous publication for writers and readers of all ages. https://christianfictiononlinemagazine.com/

I also signed contracts for

  • The Unfinished Sonata, release date: Feb, 2012
  • Chocolate-Covered Baloney, (3rd of Confessions of April Grace) release date: Fall, 2012
  • Eastgate Church Keeps on Singing, release date: e-book, July 2012, paperback, Oct 2012
  • Redemption, release date: e-book and paperback, Dec 2012
  • Whited Sepulchres, release date: e-book and paperback, February, 2013
  • A Stony Point Christmas, release date, December, 2012

Fortunately, these books have been written, except for A Stony Point Christmas, which has an April deadline–and which I have not yet started to write. Eastgate has a deadline of April, also, and though it’s finished, I’m not happy with parts of it. Chocolate-Covered Baloney will be facing some rewrites as soon as my editors are ready for me to make them.

After reading Madison’s encouraging words about a “plan,” I realize how badly I need a plan. Not only do I have new books and a column to write and editing to do, I have a hubby and daughters to love and hang around with, a presence on Facebook I plan to continue and enhance, a blog that needs more of my time and attention, a house that will stink to high heaven and stick to the soles of our shoes if I don’t clean it, and friendships I want to nurture. Oh, and I forgot to mention the book signings and speaking engagements I have committed to doing this coming year. In fact, I’ve been asked to participate in 3 different writing events all on the same weekend, and I’m just not sure which one will receive my attention.

Yeah, I need a plan, because when I get overwhelmed, my brain stops and so do I. I sit down and hours go by while I try to decide where priorities lie. I think Madison has a great idea. Now, if I can just create a workable, doable plan and follow it!