Stockpiles in the Warehouse

Maybe I’ve been writing too long, or maybe I’m just grumpy, but I have little patience with writers who write one piece then sit on their hands, waiting to be accepted or rejected before moving forward. If someone really wants to be successful in whatever line of work he or she chooses, taking one step toward that goal, then sitting down on the chosen path to wait is foolish.

If you write, do not stop at one story, poem or article. As soon as you’ve queried or submitted work, get started on your next piece. When an editor likes what you’ve done, they will want to see more of your work. It’s nice if you have something ready to offer. Waiting until you write and edit a new story gives that editor time to forget all about you.

Next year I will have at least five books coming out. And why is that? Because I kept writing, even when rejections ┬ápiled up. The stockpile in my warehouse is now selling. I recommend you forget “waiting to hear” and start your own stockpile, right now.

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