Questions for Discussion

Questions for Discussion                               Download Questions for Discussion in pdf format

1. Where was April Grace born and raised?

2. What’s the name of April Grace’s mother?

3. Mr. Rance used to have what when he lived in Texas?
___Oil wells
___Cattle farm
___Cotton fields
___Horse ranch

4. The name of the road where April Grace and her family live is called what?
___Rough Creek Road
___Rumbling River Road
___Rock Road
___Ridge Top Road

5. Ian and Isabel used to live where?
___New York

6. Isabel left a career doing what?

7. Who does Myra Sue want to be like?
___Miss Delaine

8. Grandma named her cat what?
___Miss Kitty

9. April Grace and her family live where?
___On a farm
___In a big city
___In a trailer park
___Near the lake

10. What do Ian and Isabel do a lot of?
___Watch a lot of television
___Take long walks in the woods
___Fight with each other
___Go to church