One Reason You Might Be Blocked

I’ve found if you can’t make the story work, there’s a good reason: you’re forcing something that isn’t supposed to happen. Sure, you want your character to take that road over there where it’s all wide and clean and nice sign posts along the way so she doesn’t get lost, but instead she looks over her shoulder and spots a shadowy path, full of holes and rocks. She can’t see more than a few feet of it and she wants to go to it. You shove her toward the road, and she digs in her heels. You try to haul her with every ounce of strength you own. It’s like dragging an elephant uphill by its toenail. STOP IT! Let go and let her have her way. Forcing your story to cooperate with you makes writing an unpleasant drudgery. If that’s what you want, go mop the floor.

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