This recent heatwave has sapped my writing fizz.

All I want to do is loll in the recliner with a glass of cold, sweet tea nearby and watch television while the sun bakes the earth. And it feels like that is all I have done. I think my brain has sweated so much, all my good ideas wilted.

My writing is more prolific and better done when I’m outside. Something about the energy of nature sparks the urge to write. Today, my husband saved my broiled brain and flagging enthusiasm. He bought and put together a small portable desk, so lightweight I can lift it with one hand. When the day isn’t 95 in the shade, I can sit on my porch with the fan blowing and write comfortably. Thank you, Brett!

Now, tell me where you like to write. Do you have special nook, or do you seek different spots? Must you clean your writing area, align your materials, stretch your fingers, stare into space, light a candle . . . ? What do you do before you settle down to write?


2 Replies to “Mobility”

  1. I’d felt zapped by the heat for awhile, too. Now that it’s cooled off, I’m feeling motivated again. Of course, looming deadlines motivate me, too. 🙂 I think I can write just about anywhere where it’s quiet and I can plug in my laptop – even better, if there’s no access to the internet! 🙂

  2. I need complete control of my environment which must be clutter free, neutral and music, if any, must not have words. I prefer a drink at all times (but only coffee or mineral water) and room to stand up and pace if I need it. I need my outline on one side, my notes on the other, and at least 3 reference books even if I don’t plan to use them. In a perfect world I am in my office listening to violin music via my high end KRK studio reference monitors sipping S. Pellegrino listening to late classical / early romantic violin concertos with my manuscript on the main screen and my Internet and references on the laptop beneath it in a completely empty house either very early or very late.

    The office has three coffins, two cualdrons, six keyboards, three skulls and one pumpkin 😉

    I do need absolute solitude, either real or perceived. Most of my writing does end up taking place at work where I put blinders in my work station so I don’t see customers and blast music so I don’t hear them. If too many people are walking by on the street I have to stop and wait until they go away. hahah.

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