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In the “Confessions of April Grace” series:

In Front of God and Everybody —  Newcomers to her neighborhood wreak havoc on April Grace Reilly and her family. Sold in all bookstores, everywhere

Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks — Her first year in junior high is worse than expected when April Grace faces a clique of bullies, her mom gets sick, and she’s forced into performing in the Christmas pageant. Sold in all bookstores, everywhere

Chocolate-Covered Baloney —  No one expected April Grace’s other grandmother to step foot inside a Reilly home again, but there she is, as big as life and twice as troublesome. Can the family ever forgive the woman for what she did to her daughter so long ago? Sold in all bookstores, everywhere.

Pink Orchids and Cheeseheads — An accident on the road. An unexpected marriage. A slew of long-term, noisy wedding guests from Wisconsin who prefer sports to romance. A new friend who isn’t what she seems, and another one who is more than April Grace could hope for. The summer of 1987 at the Reilly home is off to a rousing, hilarious start in the continuing Confessions of April Grace!

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Available new exclusively through the Annie’s Fiction Club service, but can sometimes be found used online.

From the “Annie’s Attic Mysteries”:

The Deed in the Attic — Craft-circle cozy mystery/Annie Dawson finds the deed to a mysterious property in a locked trunk left in her grandmother’s attic. Is “Fairview” really haunted, and why did Gram have a deed to it?

The Unfinished Sonata —Annie Dawson discoveres an unfinished sonata inside a broken music box. Her search for the composer takes her on a journey into love forever lost, and love newly found.

A Stony Point Christmas — Generous gifts from an anonymous donor begin to show up all over town and a small child is abandoned into Annie’s care. Who is leaving gifts to strangers, and who is this mysterious child? Rumors abound, throwing Annie’s reputation into the spotlight.

The Ring in the Attic — Craft-circle cozy mystery/In this, the capstone book for the Annie’s Attic Mysteries series, the nebulous romance between Annie Dawson and Ian Butler is settled when she discovers a priceless antique ring in her grandmother’s attic. What happened to the original owner, and why does this ring have such a draw for her, and for Ian?

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From the “Annie’s Quilted Mysteries

Raven Threads  When Kelly and Emma try to solve the cold case of their friend’s murder, they soon find themselves on the trail of a missing person, and face to face with a town full of hostility.


From the “Annie’s Mysteries Unraveled”:

Unraveled Stalkings — Making friends online can be easy and fun, until one of them takes it too far and it turns into obsession. Who is it watching Kate’s every move, and when will he strike next?

Double Strand Deception  — You’ll be on the edge of your seat as Kate and her entourage pursue each clue and find themselves entangled in spine-tingling new mysteries along the way.

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Early books written under the name Kathaleen Burr:
Sweet romances, series of three books with recurring characters, set in the fictional town of Pleasant Springs, Missouri. These stories are out of print now, but can sometimes be located in a secondary market online or in a used book store.
Home is the Heart — City boy buys country girl’s childhood home and she resents him for it, even as his lovable nature touches her heart.

Wintersong  — Wandering lone wolf returns home and falls in love with the minister’s daughter. He’s torn by doubt why someone like her would want a guy like him.

Rainbow Dreams  — Firefighter doubts the love expressed by the returning woman who left him at the altar five years earlier. Sure, she is repentant, and offers her heart to him again, but does he trust her enough to give her second chance?

home-is-the-heart-150 Wintersong150 Rainbow Dreams150

3 Replies to “K.D. McCrite’s Books”

  1. K.D. McCrite,
    I have LOVED your Confessions of April Grace series. I got the 1st book at Barnes and Noble, and realized that there was a sequel. I later got that book, which I asked for; for Christmas, and admired it. I did not know that their was a 3rd book to! I got that book for my Birthday, and was overjoyed. They were all amazing. I hope that if you can, and have enough inspiration, that you would be able to right more!!!! ( #4, #5, etc.)

    Ever since I read your first book, I could see the Jesus shining though you. I like that. It shows me that the books I read by you will be God honoring, as well as evangelical. I will not be reading a book that is… bad.

    When I grow up, I have dreamed of being an author. Ever since 3rd grade, I am going into 7th, I have wanted to write God honoring books, for various readers, with various genres. Reading books like yours have given me a hope that I can do that, through Christ, who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)

    You are a great role model to me, and hopefully for my generations to come.

    Thank-you for being a Godly inspiration for me!!

    Hope you might be able to give me some pointers!

  2. I just finished one of your books and it really surprised me when i started reading it. It surprised me because it’s based on the Ozarks because I grew up there. I actually have heard of all the places in the book. I really enjoyed it and i can’t wait to read another book of yours.

  3. Our library just got your last book of the Annie’s Attic Mysteries, “The Ring in the Attic” and really want to thank you for a WONDERFUL end to the series. Or, at least, I assume it’s an end to the series, although I’m certain the fans of this series would love to read more episodes of Annie Dawson-Butler’s life!! I had to read this book from beginning to end, and could not stop for anything until I had read it all! (I hope I didn’t get crumbs from my sandwiches in the book!) You really made the ending the most perfect ending ever–and that’s what really good stories have!!
    Thank you so much!!

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