June 28, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

So maybe you wonder why I haven’t written in my journal for a month?

  1. I’m not a journaling kind of person
  2. Sometimes journaling takes away the oomph I need for fiction writing
  3. I’ve been up to my eyeballs writing and editing three books that will be out sometime this year
  4. There are more reasons/excuses but I won’t bore you with them.

I wish I could tell you when Confessions of April Grace #4: Pink Orchids and Cheeseheads will be released. A health crisis at the publishing company has delayed production, and at this point I ask my readers to please be patient. The book will be out this year, but I don’t know when.

In the meantime, I can’t sit around twiddling my thumbs. I have stories to write!


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