From Annie’s Mysteries

Annie’s Publishing has several beautiful mystery series which are available exclusively to members of Annie’s Fiction Club. Some of the titles may be available in the secondary market online or at used bookstores.  These books are delightfully presented with secure solid binding, lovely covers and dust jackets.  There is even a bookmark ribbon stitched into the binding.  I’m honored to be a part of  “Annie’s  Mysteries”.

From “Annie’s Attic Mysteries”:

deedcover   The Deed in the Attic Annie Dawson finds the deed to a mysterious property in a locked trunk left in her grandmother’s attic. Is “Fairview” really haunted, and why did Gram have a deed to it?

sonatacover  The Unfinished Sonata —Annie Dawson discoveres an unfinished sonata inside a broken music box. Her search for the composer takes her on a journey into love forever lost, and love newly found.

stonycover A Stony Point Christmas — Generous gifts from an anonymous donor begin to show up all over town and a small child is abandoned into Annie’s care. Who is leaving gifts to strangers, and who is this mysterious child? Rumors abound, throwing Annie’s reputation into the spotlight.

ringcover The Ring in the Attic — In this, the capstone book for the Annie’s Attic Mysteries series, the nebulous romance between Annie Dawson and Ian Butler is settled when she discovers a priceless antique ring in her grandmother’s attic. What happened to the original owner, and why does this ring have such a draw for her, and for Ian?

From “Annie’s Quilted Mysteries”:

ravencover Raven Threads  When Kelly and Emma try to solve the cold case of their friend’s murder, they soon find themselves on the trail of a missing person, and face to face with a town full of hostility.

From “Annie’s Mysteries Unraveled”:

unraveledcover Unraveled Stalkings — Making friends online can be easy and fun, until one of them takes it too far and it turns into obsession. Who is it watching Kate’s every move, and when will he strike next?

doublestrandcover-400-057 Double Strand Deception  — Kate’s good friend Vivi finds herself in a heap of trouble after valuable items go missing at a party and are found in her possession. Kate has her hands full proving Vivi’s innocence while tracking down the real thief.N

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