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books  “When the inspiration for Confessions of April Grace began to grow, I knew I wanted to write the story of a young girl and her family with special situations. Those would include life in the Ozarks Mountains of Missouri and a setting in 1986-1987 — before technology took a strong hold on our lives, when things seemed just a little less complicated.  These books have been enjoyed by young readers and the adults who read with them. ” K.D. McCrite

confessionscover-300x215In Front of God and Everybody!

If God wanted April Grace to be kind to her neighbors,
He should have made them nicer!

Growing up in the country is never easy, but it
sure is funny―especially if you happen to have
a sister obsessed with being glamorous, a
grandma just discovering make-up, hippie
friends who never shower, and brand new
neighbors from the city who test everyone’s
patience. read more

cliques-bookcover-202Cliques, Hicks and Ugly Sticks
Just when April Grace thought the drama
was over . . .
After an automobile accident, Isabel St.
James―resident drama coach and drama
queen―needs help putting together the
church play. Mama insists April Grace and
Myra Sue will help. April’s fall is now
devoted to spending every afternoon with Isabel and Myra Sue…  read more

Choc-Covered-Baloney-202Chocolate Covered Baloney
The last thing April Grace wants is more change
in her life―but that’s exactly what she gets!
Plus, April has a new mystery to solve when Myra Sue
starts sneaking around and acting very suspicious!
From snooty new neighbors to starting junior high to
getting a new baby brother to having her grandmother
get a boyfriend, April Grace has had enough change to
last until she is at least 87 years old. read more

PinkOrchidsCoverPink Orchids and Cheeseheads
An accident on the road. An unexpected marriage.
A slew of long-term, noisy wedding guests from
Wisconsin who prefer sports to romance. A new
friend who isn’t what she seems, and another one
who is more than April Grace could hope for.
The summer of 1987 at the Reilly home is off to
a rousing, hilarious start in the continuing
Confessions of April Grace!  read more