Books by Friends: Countenance, by Joy Ross Davis

One of the pitfalls (for me), of being a successful writer has been the diminished time I’ve spent reading. It surely isn’t for lack of desire because I love to read. It isn’t even so much a lack of time, either, because I believe you can always find time for things you really want to do. My problem seems to be physical, related to spending so many hours at a screen, putting together stories. There are days when I close my eyes and literally see words running across my vision like statistics on a ticker tape.

Vision problems aside, I want to read more than I have been, and I want many of those books to be the ones written by my writer friends. I have quite a stash.

Today, I post about Countenance, by Joy Ross Davis. This is her debut novel, published earlier this year by Ecanus Publishing. Joy refers to her book as “paranormal”, but these days, that genre conjures up images of vampires, werewolves and zombies, all of them so overdone that the majority the reading public is exhausted by it. I think the content of this book can more aptly be described as “supernatural”.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Countenance and found it well-written, I want to be honest and say it is not a quick, easy read. The story is unique and intriguing, drawing the reader in after a few pages. There are some terrifying moments between the covers of this book. Souls trapped in an old inn, strange comings and goings, and flashes into other times can confuse a reader who is easily distracted or not fully engaged in the story. So I recommend you read this book when you have some quiet reading time; you don’t want to miss out on the details that enrich this story.

Here is a video trailer for Countenance:

The author and I shared some conversation recently, and I now share with you a few tidbits on how this story came to be:

  • Where did the idea for Countenance originate?
    • The idea came from a voice I heard while standing on my porch one night. It said, “Countenance.” From there, the story ideas took hold and by the next morning, I knew all of the characters.
  • Why this story?
    • Countenance came at a time when I needed relief from the grief of losing my mother. It kept me sane and occupied, and the story blends all the elements of my family and experiences.
  •  How long did it take you to write it?
    • I wrote it in eight months then spent another four months with an editor to revise and polish it.
  • Do you believe in angels and demons (bright spirits and dark spirits) and were you taught to believe as a child?
    • I do most certainly believe in angels and demons, but I was not taught that as a child. I was discouraged in those beliefs, but when I was six, I had an experience that cemented my belief in angels.
  •  Do you believe you’ve ever had encounters with either side?
    • Oh, most certainly. I believe that when I was a child, an angel saved me from a deadly lightning strike. Lightning struck at my feet just as an angel appeared and told me to run. I ran and suffered only minor blisters from the strike. When I looked back, the angel was gone, but the ground where I had been standing was completely charred.
  •  I know you told me some people refuse to read Countenance because of its supernatural theme. What do you say to those who think your story is “of the devil”?
    • This sort of makes me laugh. I know that some people choose what to read based on their beliefs, and of course, that is their right. But I would say to everyone that Countenance is a work of fiction. It is not intended for any purpose other than to entertain…and possibly uplift. I really don’t believe that a work of fiction can test anyone’s faith.
  • What’s next?Next on the agenda is finishing the sequel, which takes place in Ireland.
    • My original idea was that Countenance would be three books: one in Tennessee, one in Ireland, and the last in Tennessee. But, that vision has changed a bit. I still see it as three books, but there will be more blending of the characters and places. The major characters from the first book will remain in all three books with a deeper look into the family history and a few extra ghosts and angels sprinkled throughout!

Thank you, Joy, for taking a few minutes to let us know a bit about the background of your story. Good luck with the sequels!

You may visit the author’s website: Or follow her on Facebook: Joy Ross Davis as Angelwriter I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself or if you prefer, download to your e-reader.




5 Replies to “Books by Friends: Countenance, by Joy Ross Davis”

  1. a wonderful interview and wise answers to KD’s questions – I wish people did not read within their tight little boundaries – such a habit shuts out so much fresh vision from their souls – than you Joy for courage and light

  2. Great interview, KD and Joy. I’m a huge fan of Joy’s novel. Her characters are still very much alive in my head and heart months after reading “Countenance” on my Kindle.

    And KD – Thank you for talking about how hard it is sometimes as writers to actually fit “reading time” into our writing lives. Somedays my brain feels so scattered with ideas and story circles spinning in my head that I find it hard to concentrate on another author’s book. Plus throw in all the social media and marketing… But I plan to make reading a priority again. Thanks again. 🙂


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