Becoming Vegetarian

In February of this year, I became a full vegetarian. Not a hard decision and one I’m glad to have made.

I was born on a dairy farm, and we raised our own beef. In fact, I bottle-fed the baby steers that one day would lie on our dinner table as steaks, hamburgers, and roasts. I rarely ate any of that meat because my mind’s eye still saw the sweet faces of those little calves that I helped to raise.

Funny how many people think I’ve fallen out of my tree, but for me, leaving behind a food that never tasted good to my palate, that frequently upset my stomach, and that sometimes drew tears to my eyes because of its origins was an easy choice. I replaced meat with nuts, seeds and legumes, and I reinforce my diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Anyone who has been playing around with the idea of becoming vegetarian won’t find it difficult if they make a serious commitment.


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