About K.D. McCrite

booksI’ve been making up stories since I was a little kid. I’ve always loved to read, and books became my best friends.

Of course, growing up on an Ozarks dairy farm meant that most of our time was taken up by farm work. When I wasn’t taking care of the calves, or mucking out the barn, or helping my dad in the hayfield, I’d tuck a book under one arm and hoist myself into the hayloft where the scent of hay was warm and sweet. Or I’d scoot up my favorite tree in the backyard where breezes swung the branches gently. When I began writing stories, I’d sneak off into the woods, or down to the pond with my notebook and pen, and hoped my mother didn’t call me to come help cook supper. These days I spend most of my time at the computer spinning tales  I hope will entertain my readers.

April Grace Reilly, the spitfire heroine of the “Confessions of April Grace” series, shares a lot of things with me, from our love of books to our red hair. But April Grace sticks her foot in her mouth a lot more than I ever did. And she has a lot more adventures. I hope you’ll read her confessions, because I think you’ll laugh out loud.

I also write for several “crafting mystery” series for Annie’s Publishing. It’s fun to tell stories about spunky women who enjoy handcrafts. Who thought knitters and quilters could have so much fun solving mysteries?

Also, there are books I wrote several years ago. Although they are out of print now, you can still find copies online. Home is the Heart, Wintersong and Rainbow Dreams were written under the name Kathaleen Burr. They are sweet romance stories, set in the fictional Ozarks town of Pleasant Springs, Missouri.

Book and story ideas spin and churn in my gray matter all the time. So you see, I keep busy writing books for kids and for adults. Join me for more talk at my blog  “Sweet Tea with K.D.” and follow my progress (or lack thereof) in my “Journal.”


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